Should I be concerned that my left breast feels heavy, foreign, and painful after Breast Implant Revision?

My history is that my right breast has no tissue and my left breast does. I had an implant placed in the right breast and a breast reduction and lift on theleft side to make them look even. This was in 2002. After two pregnancies they started looking different again so I had another surgery ten days ago but this time had implants of different sizesin both breasts My right breast, the one with an implant in the past feels normalnatural part of my body and still some pain most of it has gone.

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Side differences

Only your surgeon knows exactly what happened in the operating room. Based upon your story your left will be more sore/painful because it had a new implant pocket created during surgery, while your other side already had an implant in so replacing and lifting isn't nearly as painful. Not surprising left hurts more than right. Communicate with your surgeon and discussing with them is best.

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