Is my clitoris normal? Checked anatomical photos but nothing looking like the bulbs at the end of the frenulum. (Photo)

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Is my clitoris/hood/frenulum normal?

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There are SO MANY variations of labial and clitoral hood anatomy; yours is entirely normal, but the size of your clitoral glans is in the upper range of normal.  Most likely totally normal varient, but good if you were checked out by an experienced Ob Gyn to make sure that there is not some endocrinological abnormality making the clitoral glans grow.   If you are taking any androgen compounds, especially if you " them on the Internet," STOP and be evaluate.

Vert Best,

Michael P Goodman MD

Clitoris enlargement

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Your clitoris is enlarged.  There are many possible causes, and you should be checked to determine if you have a high level of male hormone.  If you want your clitoris reduced, I have done about 40 clitoris reductions with excellent, normal results and no loss of sensation.  This procedure requires extensive expertise in order not to injure the nerves.

Gary J. Alter, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Question about clitoral anatomy.

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You look normal.  There is significant variation among women and you are perfectly normal  and definitely have nothing to worry about anatomically.

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Mild Clitoromegaly

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See your gynecologist for a hormonal assessment. The clitoris is slightly enlarged. Medications can do this too; steroids, androgens, etc.

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