Can I change my mind and get all on 4 immediately after extraction of lowers and a bone graft?

I can't take this denture. I'm having panic attacks because I want to get the all in 4 dentures immediately after having all my lower teeth extracted and bone graft . I don't want to wait four months. Want to do it now

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All On 4 Dental Implants

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There is a good possibility that you can have an All on Four procedure with a fixed hybrids prosthesis sooner than that.  When performing this procedure bone often has to be removed to allow space for the final hybrid bridge materials. The bone grafts placed for you were most likely just socket preservation grafts which should have little bearing on moving forward with the implant procedure.  Allowing the gum tissue to properly heal first would be a good idea before moving forward though.  Talk to your surgeon about this

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

All on 4

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I would highly recommend you do that. There are so many advantages to having teeth which are no removable .Its relatively straight forward to have the implants placed and teeth placed the same day
Wish you success in your journey
Dr J

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

Teeth in A Day: All on 4

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In most cases you can extract and place the implants and a temporary hybrid bridge the same day.   A hybrid bridge is fixed and can only be removed by a dentist. This is called the all on four procedure.  I personally like using more than 4.  The implants need to be placed in a certain manner for this procedure.  Please know, each case is different.  I do not know your situation, however, if it is too late to consider this method, perhaps ask your dentist if they can placed some mini transitional implants to hold the dentures in place.  I hope this helps.

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

Immediate teeth

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You can have teeth the same day you get extractions, but you run the risk of more complications.  Would you walk on a broken leg after it was screwed together?  As long as you are willing to accept the risk, I don't see why you couldn't have temporaries on your implants.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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