Will canthoplasty make my eyes more like this? (Photos)

I have round eyes and I want them to be more almond shaped and upturned like Megan Fox. What procedure can be done to achieve this. I know it's not right to use photoshop to show how I want my eyes to look like, but it'a just an idea.

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Making eyes more almond shape requires more than just canthoplasty

It is unlikely canthoplasty alone can do that. In fact, it may make it worse. What you are describing, to makes eyes more almond shaped, requires work on the lower eyelids as well, not just the canthus. See following link and video link. 

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Do canthoplasties for lower lid surgery make my eyes almond shaped rather than round?

This is a good question, but I am not sure that the photoshop photo does not fully correct the problem and tighten the lower lid as you may need.  The photo continues to show mild ectropion( mild droopiness and exposed white areas under the eyes even after the apparent tightening of the corner of the eyelids in the photoshopped photos.  Best to get a good opinion from a qualified Plastic Surgeon to show you what outdoor be done.

Good luck to you.

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Surgical correction for lower eyelid position

Thank you for your question.  The lower eyelid position can be changed surgically, when indicated.  Although canthoplasty can help accomplish that in certain clinical presentations, the approach for achieving the look that you desire may involve a bit more that a cantholplasty alone.  Follow up with a surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery for further education and to determine the best treatment options for you.  Good luck. 

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