What breast reduction procedure won't make me lose senstation in my nipples and also will still allow me to breast feed?

I want to have children and the next few years, but I am told that you aren't able to once you have a breast reduction. And also that I will lose feeling in my nipples.

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Preserving nipple sensitivity and ability to breast feed with The Horndeski Method breast lift/reduction

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Hi,Thank you for your question.The Horndeski Method is a technique that was developed to preserve nipple sensitivity and the ability to breast feed along with transferring the weight of the breast from the skin to the chest muscles to improve long term results and pain associated with larger breasts. It has also eliminated the need for a vertical scar and the risks/complications and maintenance associated with breast implants. Attached is an example of a woman who underwent THM without implants. I hope this helps.Best wishes and kind regards, 

Breast reductions, nipple sensation and breast feeding . . . what you should know.

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The questions you have identified are important considerations for any women considering a breast reduction and especially for those who are still planning on adding to their family. 
Typically, nipple sensation is diminished after surgery and then gradually returns, however, with any breast reduction technique, there is a chance of developing impaired nipple sensation or even numbness.
Breast feeding is often possible following breast reduction surgery, but this too can not be garaunteed. It is safer to assume that you'll be more likely to need formula to supplement your breast feeding following surgery. 
If a Free Nipple Graft techinique is planned, then numbness and an inability to breast feed are expected.

Breast Reduction

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All techniques carry some risk of nipple/areola sensory loss.  The smaller the reduction the less likely the risk of loosing sensation.  Inability to breast feed is more unlikely with the more common techniques as the nipple remains attached via ducts to the breast tissue.  If you are very concerned about sensory loss, you can ask your surgeon to perform a conservative and not very aggressive reduction to reduce the risk.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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