Breast Augmentation Revision? (Photo)

This question is a continuation of my previous BA revision question. My breasts feel very firm & always have been. The right one does especially. I know I have CC in my right breast because I did go to see another PS & he confirmed it. I also work in the cosmetic space & have a good deal of knowledge about BAs. My surgery was performed by a board certified PS. Also I am 5'7" & 135lbs. Attached are more photos of myself in bikinis before the surgery & also a few more desired looks.

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If you need to correct a capsular contracture, then a revision should involve a capsulectomy, exchange of implants, possibly exchange of implant pocket and possibly the use of acellular dermal matrix to help avoid a future capsule.  Best wishes, Dr. T

BA revision

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It it unfortunate that you developed Cap Con, this is something that can happen and unfortunately does. At this point undergoing a revision is obviously your best option. While board certification means something, it does not speak to the surgeons talent or skill level, nor to their bedside manner. As you did prior to your first augmentation(hopefully), see 2-3 surgeons for consultations, see which one you trust and get along with best, then move forward with the revision.

Breast Augmentation Revision?

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It is great you are posting here on RS but the better route to help solve your issues is many in person opinions for revision surgery.

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