Can Braces fix this problem? (photos)

i am26 years old and have two kids. have overbite problem . my top gum is shown when i laugh hard. i want to fix this problem but without cut my bone from jaws. can braces fix this problem?after surgery . how soon can nurse baby again?

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Probably not to your satisfaction


First of all, great pictures, makes it much easier to give you a good opinion!

From what I see, the excess gum showing when you smile is caused by the fact that your upper jaw has grown downwards more than it should have. The ideal solution to this would be to have jaw surgery to move your upper jaw upwards and that way show the correct amount of teeth and gums when smiling. I'm not sure about the nursing questions, probably your doctor or oral surgeon can answer that more thoroughly.

There are other treatments that are sometimes used for people that show too much of their gums. One is reshaping your gums higher, making your teeth longer and that way showing less gums. This would not be a good option since your teeth already seem close to their ideal lenght. Another treatment I've seen is using botox or something like that to prevent your upper lip from moving up too much during smile. Both these treatments are not ideal and would most likely not give you the solution you're looking for.

Regarding braces, they cannot move all teeth up into the jaw, and the results would not be satisfactory.

Hope it helps!

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