Braces for crooked teeth at 19. (photos)

I am a 19 year old female and have bad teeth. Is it too late to get braces? Also, will i need extractions and how will the treatment take?

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Braces for crooked teeth at 19

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Awesome photos!

It's definitely not too late for braces. In fact, over 30% of our patients are adults that either get clear braces or Invisalign.

You have some crowding of your teeth and a definitive yes or no is hard to give regarding the extractions, but it's likely that you won't need any extractions based on what I see from the pictures.

Treatment with Invisalign or clear braces would most likely take between 18-24 months in your case.

Hope it helps!

Hialeah Orthodontist

Too Late for Braces?

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It is never too late to have a more beautiful smile. Your teeth are not "bad" just a bit crooked. It is impossible to tell if you need extractions before braces based on the information provided but in my office we rarely recommend extractions before braces. How long braces will take is dependent on the type of treatment that is used. You clearly don't have sufficient space for your teeth to be straight; therefore, you will either have to extract teeth or make your dental arches bigger. There are pros and cons for each option. Make sure if extractions are recommended that you get several doctors to agree to that recommendation as this procedure is irreversible and has potentially numerous adverse consequences. In my  office, we would more than likely expand your dental arches and then straighten your teeth with Fastbraces. Total treatment time would be approximately 18 months.
Good luck!

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