Belly getting big after TT? (Photos)

I had a TT in April 2014 and my belly was pretty flat after. Then in October 2014 I noticed a bulge which happened to be a hernia. I had 2 surgeries to repair it. (The second one with a mesh). My belly became flat again. However over the past year, 2 things happened: I started having shortness of breast and my belly is increasingly becoming bigger. I have done all kinds of tests which ruled out heart or lung problems. I have not gained any weight, (I'm 125lbs) and I exercised regularly.

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Post Tummy Tuck Options

Return to your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for urgent reassessment. Intra-abdominal pathology, weight gain or a lumbar lordosis may cause this deformity. Careful comparison with pre-operative photos is necessary.

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Getting big again

This happens perhaps 5 to 10 percent. Can be from poor strength of your tissues. But more common internal fat that pushes out your tummy. This not a surgical problem but physiological. You may not like the answer but weight loss is the solution. 

Mark Eberbach, MD
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Symptoms after tummy tuck.

This is the sort of thing that will require a thorough consultation and examination with access to your full medical records and maybe even further testing. Best of luck in resolving these issues.

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