Was this a bad job? (Photos)

3 months post op. What was supposed to be lift, nipple reduction and implant placement. My breast are still saggy. Right nipple round but still big left nipple jagged not even round. Doctor saying left nipple should improve with time. All this makes no sense to me. Should he revise my surgery at his expense? I feel is a bad job as I'm more embarrassed now than preop. Please advise !!

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Was this a bad job?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.  Online consultants will not be of much help to you when it comes to specific assessment. Some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

In cases where an unfavorable outcomes are present it is best for patients to discuss their concerns in a calm/constructive fashion; most plastic surgeons very much want their patients to be pleased and will do everything they can to improve outcomes.  On the other hand, an accusatory stance taken by a patient does not end up working out well for anybody involved.  For example, I would suggest avoiding using inflammatory term such as "botched"... Overall, staying emotionally even keel tends to be helpful in these cases.

When it comes to revisionary surgery costs, policies will vary: charges such as facility and/or anesthesia fees are quite customary in most practices.  Often, surgeons will reduce or waive fees.  I can tell you personally that I am much more likely to waive fees for patients who demonstrate an understanding of the circumstances as opposed to patients who expect "perfection" and approach the complication in an accusatory or faultfinding fashion.

 Again,  communicate your concerns in a calm/constructive fashion. Working together you will likely come up with a plan to achieve an outcome that you will be happier with. Best wishes for an outcome that you are pleased with long-term.

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You have a reasonable and predictable result from a benelli lift and breast augmentation. The scars will continue to improve over the coming months. If this is not a sufficient lift for you then you may need to consider conversion to a vertical scar lift in times to come.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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Limited results?

Thanks for your questions. I think you have a pretty good result, but there are differences between your breasts. The most important thing to note is the operation you chose - the areola lift has limits in terms of raising your nipple position. A lot patients will plead and beg their plastic surgeons to avoid the vertical scar and this leads to results like in your case where the nipple is not high enough. Some patients accept that better than others, but if you freely chose this technique from the other options available and acknowledged understanding the limitations - then I think you should pay for your revision. A reasonable doctor will do it for the costs of surgery and anesthesia when you get out to 1 year from surgery. I'm not sure why you feel self-conscious when your upper pole, size and cleavage are so much better. No two breasts are ever the same and no one can achieve perfection with symmetry either. As far as the areola diameter, remember that you chose to add an implant and that implant has stretched your whole breast into a bigger cup, including you areola. Perhaps you should consider downsizing when reducing your areola size in the future. Limits, limits, limits...

Best wishes always, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Was this a bad breast job?

Thank you for your question.  Based on your photo I think you have an excellent result on the left breast which does not need further surgery..  The right breast needs further lifting and most likely will need a vertical component which will leave a scar running below the nipple to the fold and possibly in the fold. The periareolar mastopexy approach was adequate for the left breast but not the right.

Was this a bad job?

There are any issues in our questions. The result though not prefect is acceptable. Especially since I assume you refused a lift operation with potential incisions/scars to correct your obvious pre operate asymmetries. Now you are unhappy and desire corrections. The majority of private practice boarded PSs in Miami would offer revision with no fee for surgeon but the facility,staff, anesthesia fees would be applicable. Range would be in the $2 - $3,000 rages. Best to seek a few in person second opines for options p revise before you consider the surgery. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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