RE: Asymmetrical Breast? (Photo)

Here is the before and after pictures. Some of the PS mentioned they can't tell if there are differences between my breast without the before pictures. My original question is in the question before with the same title. Thank you!
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Uneven breasts

It is quite common for the two breasts to heal differently. One may swell more, one may feel more uncomfortable, or the shapes may differ initially. After complete healing, they should look more similar and natural. Patience is required, but if you are concerned, ask questions to your doctor or the nursing staff.

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RE: Asymmetrical Breast? (Photo)

Thank you for following up with your photos. It does appear that your result looks great. I do not think there is any cause for concern. Always a bit of asymmetry with every set of breasts, with or without implants.

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Asymmetrical Breast?

Look like a very nice result.  There's always going to be some degree of asymmetry when it comes to breasts.  When it comes to considering revision, you have to decide whether the benefit of improving that asymmetry is worth the risk of the revision surgery and additional scarring.  Good luck.

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Unless there is a pure volume (not shape/position) issue you want to improve, I see nothing to improve. This appears to be what we would all consider a good result. Enjoy your new look.

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Your left breast is lower than the right and the nipple-areola asymmetric as well.  This is normal.  All breasts are asymmetric to lesser or greater degrees.  The fetus develops from two neural tubes and the left side of your body is different from the right. Correcting this to achieve perfectly symmetrical breasts is unrealistic.  You have a very respectable result. Enjoy.

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RE: Asymmetrical Breast?

Based on your photographs your resolve looks very good.  Honestly you have less asymmetry after your breast augmentation than the average patient I examine  before breast implants.  You have a very nice result and attempting any revision to correct the small discrepancy could lead to capsular contracture or other problems.

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