Asymmetrical breast? (Photo)

I go in for my 3 month check up and I want some opinions before I see my PS. I feel that my breasts are not even. And my right is bottoming out. If they are uneven, will they even out over time? I heard it can sometimes take a year to fully settle. I had 420cc HP saline under muscles, through peri areola. I have zero pain or discomfort. The healing process went great! Thank you for your insight.

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Asymmetrical breast?

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You didn't post pre-op photos, so who is to say that the slight asymmetry you are saying you notice, was not there before? I think you have a good result and see no sign of bottoming out. Best to see your surgeon at your 3 month follow-up and express your concerns, maybe what your talking about can be seen better in person. Best Of Luck.

Uneven breasts post op

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From your photos I think they look great.They weren;t symmetrical befoire and won't be after.They may settle some more.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Without knowing what your symmetry was like pre-op (majority of women are NOT), it is impossible to comment. I can say that your results look well within the normal range of good results and there does not appear to be any bottoming-out in this photo. Also, there will continue to be small but rel changes for months to come. Be patient. So far, so good!

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3 months post op, some advices:

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Thanks for the question.
In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling.
Kind regards, 
Dr. Emmanuel mal

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
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Uneven Breast Incisions after Augmentation

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It is quite common for the two breasts to heal differently. One may swell more, one may feel more uncomfortable, or the shapes may differ initially. After complete healing, they should look more similar and natural. Patience is required, but if you are concerned, ask questions to your doctor or the nursing staff.

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Sisters not twins…

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Thank you for the question. Overall, I think that you have a very nice outcome; I see minimal asymmetry (certainly nothing worth being concerned about or requiring revisionary surgery).  There is no bottoming out going on.

 My suggestion: thank your plastic surgeon for a job well done and enjoy the outcome of the procedure performed. Best wishes.

3 month check coming up and want some opinions.

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It is not possible to evaluate end results of any cosmetic surgical procedure without knowing the pre-operative appearance. In order to detect degrees of asymmetry after a breast augmentation the pre-op photos would have to be seen for comparison. Based on these photos I do not detect any bottoming out and yes full settling can take 6 to12 months. You appear to have very nice results.

Check with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

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Thank you for the photo. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as perfect symmetry when it comes to breasts, even after augmentation. There will always be some degree of unevenness, particularly if asymmetry existed before the augmentation. Without seeing your pre-op photos, it’s difficult to say whether or not this is the case. Remember that the goal with plastic surgery should be improvement, not perfection. I’m glad to know you had a pleasant recovery period, and you appear to have a nice result with no visual evidence of bottoming out. Do continue to see your plastic surgeon for follow-up appointments to ensure everything is healing and settling properly, and remember that the final results can take up to a year to be seen as the implants begin to settle.

Lee B. Daniel, MD
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

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