Asian surgery - It's been 8 months since my Asian eye surgery.

The surgery went wrong. I wanted to look refresh and better. But all I got was a scar on both eyes. Not to mention that my eyes got uneven now. The doctor said to go back to review the surgery but I refused it. Once it came out really bad, who garantee the next one will be well succeed ? All I wanna know is , can I get rid of the scars I got ? I just look older and more tired. I'm thinking about getting another surgery but with another doctor.

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Usually you can revise blepharoplasty scars

We need a photo to better help.  Typically the scars themselves aren't an issue unless they are in a very visible place.  In some cases the incisions do extend beyond the outer corners, and that can be normal.  Usually you can revise them but without a photo I can't be much more helpful.

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