What is the approx. cost of replacing dental implants done with porcelain fused to metal to all ceramic?

I had dental implant surgery about 4 months ago to replace teeth numbers 23 and 26. I was born without those 2 teeth. Porcelain fused to metal was used for the crown and I do not like the results due to the dark line created by the metal at the gum line. I would like to replace with an all ceramic crown as they are for my front teeth. I'm 29 years old. Would the procedure cost as much as the initial placement of the implants? I am happy with size and shape of crown but unhappy with color.

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How to avoid dark lines on implant retained crowns.

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The solution is to have the abutment, which is the device that holds the crown made with Zirconia. They are available in almost all implant brands. Along the non metal abutment a cemented zircon crown or porcelain crown will avoid all aesthetic problems related with the use of metals on implant retained crowns.

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Dear trini2miami: If you are happy with the shape and the only concern that you have is the color,  then replacing the crowns is just fine and can be readily done. The material is generally not the problem, usually the problem is just workmanship. if you go to a prosthodontist or equality general dentist and pay a reasonable fee they can match the color regardless of material used. Do not concentrate on finding a dentist who uses certain material go and speak to the dentist and ask to see photos of work previously done. Any dentist who performed cases like yours will be more than happy to show you work where do they have done it.  In  actuality, a zirconium based crown with conventional porcelain covering would probably give you the most esthetic results possible on your implants.Best of luck,

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