How soon after Ulthera may I get Fractora done?

I had two Ulthera treatments two years ago and then last winter a series of 3 fractora treatments. I garnered really good results from both. In July, I did another Ulthera and will do a second treatment this Friday, November 11th. I would also like to do 2-3 more Fractora treatments this winter season. How soon after my Ulthera on November 11th could I do the fractora? Thank you.

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How soon after Ulthera may I get Fractora done?

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Fractora treatments are typically spaced 4 weeks apart when performing the series to allow the skin to heal in between treatments.  Ultherapy treatments are not the same but similar in that heat is used to denature the collagen and invoke a healing response in the skin to rebuild new collagen.  

Full healing after one procedure is always recommended before performing another procedure in the same area.  

It's interesting that you are doing both Ultherapy and Fractora so often.  Both procedures because they work with the body rebuilding collagen from a controlled heat injury take 6 months to see your full results.  

We find most patients that are good candidates for non-invasive treatments are satisfied with the results they see after one treatment with Ultherapy or one series with Fractora.  If you are needing this many procedures to see results, could you possibly be a better candidate for surgery?  

Additional maintenance treatments with Ultherapy and Fractora are recommended and another series can be performed to get even better results.  I'm just a bit surprised that you are doing repeat procedures as often as you are.  

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How soon after Ulthera may I get Fractora done? = ask your doctor #fractora #skintightening #ulthera

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Generally, fractora treatments could be perform as frequent as every 3 weeks. However, depending on the intensity of the treatment, and if other co-treatments have been done ( e.g. ulthera), fractora treatments might need to be spaced every 6 weeks 

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