After 6 weeks; no results? (Photos)

I've had to come to my surgeon to get fix only to tell me is normal? After advise a surgeon from Miami told me they was still liquid inside the he need to open and clean even removed implant and only after 6 months put the implants back. But my surgeon said no instead cut the old skin and stitched back leaving horrible whole in it and put me all 6 weeks on antibiotics to continue feeling like crap pain hurt in my stomach for so many antibiotics. Please what can I do? Help

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Breast wound care

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Thanks for your query. Based on the limited information and pics provided, it is obvious that you need some form of intervention to help your wound heal asap. Its best you meet your surgeon again or consult a board certified plastic surgeon.

Wound care

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You have a very large wound on your breasts. This needs to be washed out and a VAC sponge placement used to help this heal.  It appears to me that you need help getting this healed.  This is not normal and you need to see your surgeon or another qualified board certified plastic surgeon now.  Today.    Needs to be washed out. 

After 6 weeks; no results?

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Based upon the very limited info and photos, I think the implants need to be removed ASAP. Than start on wound care clinic.  SEEK more in person second opinions.

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