Otoplasty asymmetry 2 weeks after surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

i had an otoplasty two weeks ago to correct my prominent ears however my right ear is perfect however the left ear seems to be pinned too far back creating a 'pointy' look which is also making it look misshapen. There is still swelling behind both ears however is it normal for an ear to look like this when pinned?

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Otoplasty asymmetry 2 weeks after surgery. Is this normal?

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Hello GStar22,

It is quite normal for there to be an asymmetry at this point.  Both ears are still swollen.  It is also normal to overcorrect the ears initially knowing that there is stretch back.  I would give it several months and if there is still a concern, consider a revision. 

I would discuss all of this with your surgeon so he or she can better evaluate you and provide specific recommendations. 

I hope this helps and good luck. 

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Otoplasty results

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Looking at the pictures I see your concern. It is to early to make a final conclusion on how they are going to end up looking. I would wait about 6 months and if things do not improve (ears do tend to slightly recoil back in adults over time) by then you may need a revision! Speak to your surgeon about it.

Good luck!

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I am sure your surgeon would have made your ears look the same at the end of the operation so it is not unusual for them to swell and heal at slightly different rates. Give them a few months at least for the scars to soften and the tension to even out before you worry about this being your final result.Hope that helps, Adam Goodwin

Asymmetric ears post otoplasty

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It is normal to have some asymmetries at 2weeks. In addition, over-correction is often done to accomodate for "relaxation/return" during the healing process. Lastly, it is very difficult for the ears to be perfectly symmetric. If you want further advice please post the pre-operative photos for reference. Good luck and be sure to follow up with your surgeon.
Take care,
Dr. Dominic

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Asymmetry two weeks post procedure

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Many thanks for your question.

You are still in the very early stages of recovery post pinnaplasty and there will be residual swelling and inflammation. I would suggest that the asymmetry you describe will settle over the next few weeks however if a small adjustment is required then this can easily be done.

I hope this reassures you.

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