Can I have Invisalign after getting rid of my veneer?

My veneer for my 2 front teeth (to close a gap) were done but did not last more than a year( bad dentist). I would like to take them out and use Invialign instead. Can it be done?

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Invisalign to close the space

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Invisaling is a very good appliance for space closure and its always better to have your natural teeth then something glued on them. You need to check with your dentist that placed them how easy it is to remove them and if your tooth underneath is healthy.

New York Orthodontist

Veneer options

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great question--If the veneer was strictly additive--that means all the entireĀ original structure of the tooth remains under the veneer than yes--you can have the extra material stripped off and start over with invisalign.If a substantial part of the tooth was reshaped before the veneer was placed than all or part of the veneer can be removed and the teeth restored to backĀ more of their original shape and outline form before invisalign is initiated.A good cosmetic dentist can advise you--the answer may not be known until the veneers are removed but you are on the right track--Good luck!

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