8wks Post Op with Uneven Tummy Lipo, Uneven Hips/waist, Seroma Scarring. Can His Be Fixed? (photo)

Iam 8 weeks post op and my tummy appears to be lipoed unevenly. I still have swelling but it is clearly evident that the lower abdomen was lipoed aggressively and the upper abdomen not so aggressive. Therefore it protrudes. Also, my waist/ hips appear to be uneven. I also have seroma scarring. can this be corrected with lipo? What should I look for when selecting a doctor to correct this and how long should I wait? I would like this corrected within the next year.

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Uneven Look after Brazilian Buttlift

     If the results are still uneven at 6 months, find a plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure and performs hundreds a year.  It does make a difference, and some of these things can be corrected.

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Secondary surgery to correct uneven abdominal liposuction

Thanks for your question and sorry that you are having problems following your BBL procedure.  For the uneven contours on your abdomen, I recommend that you continue wearing your compression garment for another 2 months until almost all the swelling has subsided.  As far as secondary procedures, I agree with you that it seems more aggressive liposuction was performed on the lower abdomen than the upper abdomen.  You will need a secondary surgical procedure to correct this.  As a surgeon, what I would do is to infiltrate the whole abdomen and flanks with tumescent solution, then use my PALOMAR Laser lipo to melt the fat, then suction more on the top.  This procedure can make the tissue more even, and the laser will produce more skin tightening.  I recommend seeking a second opinion with a Board certified plastic surgeon highly  experienced in BBL's and liposuction.  You are welcome to come see me but I am in Sarasota about 3 hours away from you.  Good luck and take care.

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Uneven liposuction

I can certainly see and understand your concerns. It is correctable but see a plastic surgeon to truly evaluate your concerns.

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8wks Post Op with Uneven Tummy Lipo, Uneven Hips/waist, Seroma Scarring. Can His Be Fixed? (photo)

Yes, I see why you are concerned. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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