How Many Mg of Accutane Should a Person Take Per Kg of Body Weight and for How Long?

i have taken accutane 3 times. i started at 40 and went up to 60 but had to stop due to high liver enzymes. I took it 4 months. After 2 years my acne came back and i took it again this time starting at 20mg going up to 40mg for 4 months. Unfortunately my acne came back. Now i am 19 and just finished a 5 month course of 40mg. My face did clear up but 2 months later i started to see alot of small zits. I weigh 78.5kg and im 5'11 and 1/4. How much mg of Accutane should i be taking and for how long?

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Accutane dosage and time length

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Most dermatologists prescribe Accutane 1mg/kg/day for 5 months. I, however, prefer patients take it longer than that. Most of my patients start at 20/mg a day for a few months, then up to 40/mg day for another few months. The majority of my patients take Accutane for about 9 months. Where you live, the type and location of your acne, as well as your weight are all factors in the regimen.

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