Can MFI Help Me with Either Removing or Replacing Implants Due to Leakage?

MFI financially helps women with the cost of first time implants . . . eventually all these women may end up in my situation. The money is no longer available for the surgery needed. Help?

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Breast Revision

There are several financial aid options for financing this and your surgeon may have these options available for you.

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MFI vs Manufacturer's warranty

Brookeboobs: Sorry, I am not familiar with MFI, however if your implant has leaked, you should first reconnect with your implanting surgeon.  If you have silicone gel implants, both Allergan and Mentor provide life time replacement for implants, which have spontaneously leaked, either because of trauma or aging.  Depending on the date of your original surgery, both implant manufacturers usually replace implants for 10 years.  I usually encourage saline breast implant patients to purchase "extended warranty", which provides both implant as well as financial assistance for reoperation, in the event of spontaneous deflations.  Good luck.

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