Revision After Breast Implant Removal with Lift? (photo)

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Revision After Breast Implant Removal with Lift?

This looks like a thin tissue envelope issue from implant placement and not a technical issue as a result of the surgery.

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I'm not sure what your question is. It looks like you had breast implants which were removed and a lift. It is difficult to tell how symmetrical the result is with your one arm up and the other down. 

I would not consider revision until several months have past.

Victor Au, MD (retired)
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Breast Implant Removal and Lift

Breast augmentation causes irreversible changes to the native female breast, namely: drooping (ptosis) and involution (atrophy or decrease in size) of the breast gland. Accordingly, if breast implants are removed, these changes will become more obvious. While it is tempting to correct these changes with a lift at the time of implant removal, the more conservative approach is to perform a staged mastopexy (breast lift) in 3-6 months following explantation (removal) if the implants. This does require two separate procedures, with associated costs and anesthetic risk, but it allows for the scarring process in the previous breast pockets to be completed. This permits the nipple areolar complex (NAC) reach a stable position. Trying to place the NAC into an ideal location (with a breast lift) at the time of implant removal is difficult (a moving target, so to speak). Nonetheless, a combined procedure is possible, but requires patience on behalf of both the patient and the surgeon to determine the final result. The breasts should be reassessed over a 3-6 month time frame to determine if the treatment goals were reached.

Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD
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Breast lift after breast implant removal

Often times after an individual has had breast implants for a while and they no longer want their implants, it may be necessary to combine the explantation(implant removal) surgery with a mastopexy(breast lift).  It is not uncommon for breast implants, combined with life changes, to have stretched out the breasts.  While implants can be easily removed without performing a lift, the result may be a much saggier breast. There are many different ways to perform a mastopexy.  Determining the type of lift will depend on the degree of sagging after the implants are removed.  All of these options should be discussed with an experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Michael A. Epstein, MD, FACS
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