Can Retin-A prevent existent wrinkles from getting worse and deeper?

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Retin-A to protect against wrinkles.

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There are studies that have shown that Retin-A will help to reduce the degree of fine lines around the orbital area.  It would be reasonable to assume that this will have some protective mechanism as well with other measures such as no smoking and using sunscreens.  

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Retinoic creams and wrinkles

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The retinoic compunds are FDA approved to treat fine wrinkles - and the mechanism of action would suggest that they reduce them from getting deeper or becoming deep wrinkles. 

I recommend a triretinoid cream that is just as effective and less expensive than Retin-A - RR Retinoid Repair Cream - see the link below. We use it extensively in our practice and patients have great results from it. 

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