Can I Use a Post Partum Garment After Full TT and MR? (photo)

I live in Mexico for my husband job, and am getting a full TT and MR on Nov8. The PS showed me the style of compression garment he gives, but it was a weird looking teddy style garment. I thought that a post partum garment would be more comfortable and easier to wear. I will have to order it from the states, but what brand of compression garment is the best and can I use a post partum garment?

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Garment use after Tummy tuck is important

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Some type of compression garment is necessary after a tummy tuck.  I would use the garment recommended by your plastic surgeon.  A post partum garment may not allow room for the drain tubes that will be placed during your procedure.

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Abdominal binder

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You should use whatever compression garment your plastic surgeon recommends. Postop compression with a properly fitting garment is very important. Also know that the sizing of garments varies by company and isn't consistent with your pants size. A board certified plastic surgeon will know exactly which garment is right for you.

Abdominal binder

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Thank you for the question.  The abdominal binder is a key element to the recovery process.  Make sure your plastic surgeon is well trained and can show you good before and after photos.  You should also discuss the steps that would be available to you should you have a complication or need a revision.  I would invest in an actual abdominal binder as shown in the link below.

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Compressive Carmen after Tummy Tuck?

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You will be best off addressing this type of question to your plastic surgeon;  you will find that every plastic surgeon's practice is somewhat different.

 Best wishes with your upcoming procedure..

Post Partum Garment After Full TT

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I would check with your surgeon on this. I feel that anything that gives some mild compression is satisfactory. But if any problems develop and you have strayed from your surgeon's post op instructions the responsibility may be attributed to you. 

your surgeon knows best what works with his patients. Thanks and best wishes.

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Yes, in our practice we tell our patients to wear a compression garment about 3 weeks after surgery. You should wait to see what size you will be. You need to address your questions to your PS.



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