Mexico Operation Gone Bad, Can the Scar Tissue Around Male Nipples be Fixed? (photo)

I had an operation in Mexico and it went bad. I lost 180 pounds and had a bodylift, and my chest. I almost lost my nipples. it makes me cry and I'm 28 and never have been able to take my shirt off. I will send photos to anyone who can fix the scar tissue aroundbmy nipples. please. its been six years and I just dream of being normal

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Nipple loss after male breast reduction after massive weight loss surgery

Don't lose hope!!  There are several very good options.  Based on this single picture, I would suggest nipple and areolar reconstruction.  The areola is the pigmented skin around the nipple.  The surgery that I would suggest re-creates both the nipple and areola by taking a small quarter-sized skin graft from another area of your body.   With this skin graft and using the remainder of your nipple, you should obtain "acceptable" nipple projection and areolar color.  Later,  I would suggest  tattooing the areola for a darker and more defined border.  Good luck on your weight loss journey.  Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

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Plastic Surgery after weigh loss

Sorry about your results.  Being both US and Mexican doctor I can tell you the most important  is to choose your doctor no where you have your surgery done.  It is important to examine both breast and either skin graft or pigmentation  needs to be done to improved your condition

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Most probably the scars can be improved on. The picture posted is not clear. need an examination to determine the scar, the laxity of skin and the nipples. It looks that you already have lost the nipple at least on the pictures you posted

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