Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face? I Do Not Want a Lower Face Lift. (photo)

I had a mini (lifestyle lift) three years ago and am perfectly happy with my face..however the nck part was not addressed at all. Iwant my neck tightened but don't need or want any more pulling on my face as i tend to have a small somewhat bony face so am afraid of any type of pulling there!!

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Improving neckline without further lifting the lower face

It is possible to improve the neckline without further lifting the face. It may, however, still be necessary to reuse part or all of your facelift incision to ensure the skin drapes smoothly.  

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Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face? I Do Not Want a Lower Face Lift

It would be helpful to see a straight-on photo as well as a profile picture without your head turned. However, a plastysmaplasty and liposuction can be performed to tighten and sculpt the neckline without additionally tightening the lower face or jawline. In some cases a secondary face/ necklift is the best option to tighten the neckline, revise previous suboptimal minilift scars and balance the lower face and neck. An in-person consultation will be very helpful for you to determine the best way to proceed. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Necklift Alone

The simple answer is that you can have an isolated necklift.  There are a variety of different techniques available depending on the extent of skin laxity present.

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Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face? I Do Not Want a Lower Face Lift.

 The only way that you could have this done, in my opinion, is to have an ellipse of excess skin removed immediately under the chin.  Any other type of more extensive Neck Lift will leave pleats of skin below the ear if an incision isn't make in front of the ear to take up the excess skin.  This has everything to do with the direction of lift.  Since the direction, of lift is up and back at approximately 45 degrees for a Neck Lift, the excess skin of the jawline would also need to be removed through the lower Facelift incision.  Hope this helps.

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Neck lift

Thank you for your question about your neck lift.

  • A neck lift can be done without a face lift.
  • The neck lift may need to use the existing face lift incisions as well as one under the chin.
  • The neck lift usually must go up an inch or so into the lower face.
  • The skin can be re-draped behind the ear or in front of the ear - a good surgeon will not cause pulling. I strongly recommend a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face? I Do Not Want a Lower Face Lift.

Yes it is possible but only in person evaluations are the correct path to chose now. Over the internet very hard to be exacting. 

Neck lifts

can certainly be done without involved the midface or lower face.  See a local plastic surgeon and find out your options.  Your mini-face should have helped smooth the neck but your expections have to matched with what your surgeon can do.

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Neck lift after lifestyle lift?

Hi there,

Here's the thing:  As plastic surgeons, we mostly feel that the "lifestyle lift" doesn't really address the ageing concerns most of our patients have with their faces. It's aggressively marketed, and is what it is: a little mid/ lower face tightening with a minimal operation.  Mininimal operation, minimal result.  In the young with minimal signs of ageing it may be effective.

In your case:  you have a very beautiful face, with an obvious disconnection between your face and neck in terms of their ageing appearance.  A lower face and necklift via carefully positioned incisions around your ears and hairline (where the "front of the ear" incision are already positioned in your case) will allow a proper necklift to be done. 

It won't pull on your face as such.  Modern face and necklifting is not about pulling on the skin, its about repositioning the deeper layers of the face and bringing the skin back gently with that.  A good result should not look tight.

My advice?  Have a consultation with the best and most experienced facial aesthetic surgeons in your city.  There are no real shortcuts to a great result, unfortunately!


All the very best.

Neck lift after facelift.

Yes u will need to remove the excess skin in your neck so I do not think a platysma tightening will do the job. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Can I Have a Neck Tuck Without It Affecting my Lower Face?

Yes, you can have a neck lift without addressing the lower face, and the results are more likely to be an improvement if you have not had this done with your facelift, as it sounds is the case for you.  

Hope that helps!

Alexander Donath, MD, FACS
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