Is it usual to have wrinkling after co2 frac laser treatment?

I had co2 frac laser treatment on my lower arms 3 weeks ago but they seem to be wrinkling & some brown spots are still visible. Can't seem to upload the photos!!

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Post-CO2 Wrinkling

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It's difficult to fully say without photos, but wrinkles remaining after CO2 is perfectly normal.  I assume you had the CO2 intending to treat wrinkles and dyspigmentation (brown spots) that were present prior to the treatment.  While CO2 laser is an excellent option in improving both wrinkles and spots, it is by no means 100% curative.  It is completely normal to have wrinkles and spots remaining after only one treatment, especially on the arms where the wound healing response (what you rely upon for that improved appearance after CO2; it is after all a controlled injury) is not as strong as on the face.  You may need to consider an additional CO2 treatment or perhaps an alternative like IPL, dilute Sculptra, or radiofrequency tightening.

Torrance Dermatologic Surgeon

Co2 Laser -- Combine with microneedling/PRP and Skin Tightening

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Co2 is not the best off the face in my opinion. I suggest you post pictures and see your physician , I find non ablative lasers are better or IPL.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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