Surgery or filler for hollow upper eyelid? Is possible to fix this? (photo)

Hi,I'm writing you because I woolud like yo know if its possible to fix a hollow upper eyelid. I had a rhinoplasty and doctor took fat an tissue from my brow-upper lid junction because he said that it seemed that my nose started from between my eyes (something that didn't bothered me at all). I'm 26 and I look older, I have'nt lose weight or something. This happened just after surgery.

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Upper eye hollows

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Thanks for posting your question.  The second photo is not clear and therefore difficult to appreciate the problem.  Although not commonly performed, upper eyelid hollows can be treated with conservative application of dermal fillers when indicated. Please repost some new after photos or see an oculoplastic specialist for a comprehensive exam and to learn more.  

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I would discuss with your surgeon options for improving the upper eyelid area.  Fillers and fat can be used but much of this depends on the amount needed, and the timing-- if you recently had surgery, I would wait at least 6-12 months before doing additional procedures.

James Chan, MD
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Surgery or filler

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Thank you for posting your pictures. Can't really tell from this angle. It looks like your surgeon did a good job decreasing the width of your nose. How long ago was the surgery? If it was only a few weeks or even months ago, I would just try to live with it for at least a year as it may be that you are not used to the new more narrow nose. I would be careful in this area with fillers, but if needed a very thin filler would do it. Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

Filler injection, not surgery, for hollow upper eyelids

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Surgery will not fix the hollow upper eyelids. You have 2 options: 1) filler injection; 2) fat injection.  Filler injection is very effective, predictable and safe. See following link. I was the first person to ever publish on use of filler for upper eyelids. Fat injection is less predictable but an option. Need to evaluate your eyes in consultation (in person or via skype).

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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