Do i Need Otoplasty Revision? (photo)

I had surgery 3 ½ years ago and the results were not what you expected, I left some lumps in the top half of my antihelix ears, and make me feel bad I insecure, I would like to hear from professional of that I need to do, please, thank you so much.

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Prominent ear surgery with lump on ear years after surgery

A lump on the ear years after surgery for correction of prominent ears is unusual.  I would discuss with your surgeon in detail.

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Do i Need Otoplasty Revision?

This is a result that can sometimes be seen after otoplasties carried out with the traditional methods. It is the consequence of an uneven working of the cartilage. Fortunately, such changes cannot be seen with the new stitch method as it doesn’t involve any working of the cartilage anymore. One could raise the skin above the “lumps” and try to smooth out the small unevenness in the cartilage with a rotating surgical fraise. This results in scars though, but these can be placed relatively inconspicuously in the deepest part of the helix. This type of procedure is, however, seldom desired and thus rarely performed.

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