Hollow and sunken eyes after rhino? Short nose? Is it possible to fix it? (Photo)

I got a rhinoplasty in january which involved lateral osteotomies, a discrete tip elevation and they took off a little hump from my dorsum. Now I feel my nose is too small for my face and that my eyes look more sunken and hollow, there's like if they were inside of dark holes and they look more separated. This can be fixed? I really don't like how they look now :(. Therefore I have one side incomplete and my pores sometimes look weird. Regards. The first 2 fotos are before, the next ones after.

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Hollow and sunken eyes after rhino? Short nose? Is it possible to fix it? (Photo)

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Those are very good questions. From your pictures I do see what you mean, although I cannot see why a rhinoplasty could have that affect. My first question is when the before pictures you have were taken. Has there been a span of years in between the photos or have you lost weight? If you feel there is a change , it would not likely be a result of your rhinoplasty, even with lateral osteotomies the eyes don't change. Other considerations are if others in your family have similarly deep set eyes then genetics may have a roll. I hope that helps!

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