(Hit by a cricket bat in the nose 3 years ago) How do I proceed? (photos)

My nose was not actually broken but the little bridge between nostrils was torn of from the 'wall' and a doctor stitched it together. Now it is starting create discomfort. For example; I cannot raise my right cheek as much as my left cheek, lots of mucus stuck in one side and none in the other, and I feel the left side of my nose more than the right side.

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Thank you for posting your question. From your picture, I cannot really see any significant defect. However, if you continue to experience any discomfort, I would recommend an in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon or ENT physician for a better evaluation. Best of luck.

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(Hit by a cricket bat in the nose 3 years ago) How do I proceed?

Sorry you were in an accident.  Rhinoplasty surgery will correct the nasal defects.  An in person exam is needed to determine the next course of action.

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Nasal trauma

Diego, thank you for your pictures.  That being said, I am unable to discern any asymmetry in them.  What you are describing would best be seen during physical, dynamic examination to ensure there is no change in the underlying soft tissues of the midface.  I would recommend you seek in person consultation as that may lead you to more answers unfortunately.  Best of luck.  

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Nostril issues

From the photos it does not look like there is any problem or difference between the nostrils  - there is no real asymmetry visible

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