Where can I have under eye fillers in Mexico? (Photo)

Hi, I have already had under eye injections in the UK, but I'm moving to Mexico and I am looking for a specialist who has treated this area extensively with fillers, and can give me suggestions on costs, amount needed per eye and expected results. I've asked a few doctors online and one told me that what I have is "discoloration", maybe the pictures are deceiving as the "yellowish" lines you see are from lack of fat in between the cheek and the eye, especially when I smile. I'm 39.

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Filler in Mexico

Hello, and thanks for your question and photos. Where in Mexico will you be living? If feasible, I'd suggest crossing the border to have the injections done in the US. And please remember that this is a medical procedure, and do not choose a physician based on cost alone. Sometimes you get what you pay for. In order to determine the best treatment plan for you, I recommend an in-person consultation with a well-trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.    

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