Will my butt implants really soften within the first months? Or at some point? WORRIED

I am really worried, I just got butt implants 200cc, and my glutes feel beyond hard as rocks. My doctor told me butt implants were hard at start and then turn soft and natural.. is this true? At what extent? Because I was expecting a muscle-feel at first and then with time a more fat-tissue feel, but it is shockingly hard, more than I imagined - almost like touching a wall. Honestly, I am afraid it will be a butt of steel forever. I am super skinny... Will it get better with time? Please help

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Buttocks implants following surgery

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In general, your buttocks will have all swelling, etc. resolved by 3 months. Remember, that a firm buttocks is desirable! I place the implants inside the gluteal muscle, so you should have some cushioning from palpating your implants, but the implants are firm.

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