1 month after Rhinoplasty and my bruises wont fade. (photo)

Its been now 5 weeks since my rhinoplasty and i still have a bruise under my eye , is it normal? Will Massaging it with arnica help? What should i do?

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Hemosiderin Deposits

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This can happen with some patients and there may be several strategies to ameliorate it.  The coloration comes from the iron in red blood cells being deposited in the skin.  The first line of treatment for this is warm compresses and massage to dilate the lymphatics and try to mobilize the iron.  Some physicians have suggested that infiltration of saline can help to flush the iron out of the tissue but there is no specific data for this.  Lastly lasers can be used to break up the pigment much like the way a tattoo removal laser can get rid of ink, or a Clear and Brilliant Permea laser can help with sun spots.  Speak to your plastic surgeon and consider a second opinion with a board certified professional. 

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