I had my tummy tuck 3 days ago. I need advice on how to proceed? (Photos)

I know it's a bit early to be freaking out now, but I am! The belly button is kind of irregular and the scare looks scary as well. Is that normal? Will that resolve on it's own? Will I need corrective measures? I am visiting my surgeon in 2 days. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Post-tummy tuck scarring

Thank you for the question and photos. It is too early to make judgments.  You just had surgery.  Give it some time.  A certain degree of swelling and bruising is not uncommon after a tummy tuck. Considering that you had your procedure only 3 days ago and show no other signs of discomfort, I don't believe you have any particular reasons to be worried. It is a good thing that your surgeon is aware of your concerns, however. As always, an in-person examination with a board-certified plastic surgeon is always the best way to assess your needs and obtain a reliable medical advice.

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Best to ask your surgeon.

Hello and thanks. Since you're only 3 days out I think it is best you refer care questions to your plastic surgeon. At this point, it is obviously too early to think your photos show a final result, so logically things will change and they usually do for the better. Please address your concerns with your PS, I'm sure they would be glad to hear from you. Best, Dr. ALDO

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