Chin implant after care (4 weeks); will this make the implant to move? Is it normal?

Hi Doctor I got a Question... 4 weeks ago i got a Chin Augmentation with implant im very pleased with the results. but when im driving due the irregular concrete my face kinda moves and the area of the chin starts to hurt like if i was talking or moving my mouth, will that make the implant to move? is it normal? The second Question is that when I talk with some of the movements the area hurts to like if i was pushing the implant is that normal too? will it make the implant to move?

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Chin implant mobility

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It is common to be aware of your chin implant at first. The area will slowly become less tender with time. 

If symptoms worsen, with overlying swelling, heat, redness, and pain, that might suggest infection. 

Check in with your doctor so s/he can examine you and confirm all is well. 
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