Are my breasts are eligible for a lift? What size and shape implants would you recommend given the current size/shape? (Photo)

Im happy with the shape, do i need a lift? What kind os implant and size would fit my body?

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Breast lift or just implants

You certainly don't need a breast lift, but your breast shape has some pitfalls for surgery. Your photos suggests a pretty long native length of the lower breast pole (from nipple to the crease underneath), but that could just be the camera angle. You would need to be very careful with an implant not to exaggerate that length more as it will rotate the nipple higher on the breast mound (as the lower length get longer) and can end up too high such that it shows in a bra or bikini top.With upper pole fullness lacking with a nice "platform" to work from, I'd consider a full height shaped device partially under the muscle to try an minimize stretch deformity of the lower breast over time versus the round device I would use most of the time. For breast augmentation purposes with a full height shaped device, I like the implant from Sientra, the "classic base" model,  as it's the softest and lightest of the 3 options here in the US

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No Lift Needed

You have young non-sagging breasts which do not "need" anything. If you wanted to make them larger this could be done either with fat grafting or with implants. The implants are best chosen by the width of your breasts and its skin laxity. Based on these parameters you could choose between at least 6-8 different implants. The best way to see what implants may be best for you is to go to a surgeon who offers computer 3D imaging such as the VECTRA by Canfield. You can check their website for local surgeons this will allow you to see with close accuracy what each implant would look like I'm you before having the surgery. Do your homework and pick the right surgeon and everything should go well for you. 
Dr. Peter A. Aldea
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