Methods of treating a small depressed scar?

I have a small depressed scar a little beneath the bridge of my nose. It isnt very noticable unless in certain lighting and I hate it! I saw a plastic surgeon who wanted to try a filler before doing any scar revision. He used radiesse and my nose looked great until a few days after it went back to its normal depressed scar. Are there any other options? I was told radiesse can last up to a year vs the other fillers that may only last a few months. but didnt seem to work for me

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Treating a small depressed scar

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You have a few options for treating a depressed scar, from surgical re-excision, to a filler, and I would also definitely consider microneedling or subcision. Best to speak with your dermatologist about the best treatment options in your particular case. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Filling a depressed scar

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I would recommend filler as well. Radiesse should not dissipate after a few days. What likely occurred is that you had some localized swelling which made things look better, which has now gone down. This indicates to me that you should have more filler injected in the location. Perhaps the doctor did this as a test rather than definitive treatment. Scar revision would involve creating a larger linear scar to fill in the gap so, since you already know that Radiesse has the potential to work, I would stick with it as the treatment with least downside. Best wishes.

Excision of scars on the body in Los Angeles

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Scar revision with subcision or excision may help improve the scar on your body. These scars can often be tethered.

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