Are There Different Methods to Rhinoplasty Weirs? (photo)

I have been considering a rhinoplasty for almost 2 years now. The main thing I don't like is that my nasal base is too wide. Thus am wanting to do weirs. Is it possible to just do weirs if I am fine with how the rest of my nose is? Are there different methods of weirs? What are the pro's and con of each method? Thanks much.

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Different methods to rhinoplasty weirs

There are different alarplasty incisions that are used to reduce the nostril base. The incision can be placed on the outside of the alar rim, but it tends to show and we do not recommend that very often. The floor of the nose at the alar base can be resected and closed meticulously, which heals quite well with minimal detectability of any scars. The angle of the actual sill of the nose can be also removed to help in that area as well. This can be done as a stand-alone procedure or it can be done in conjunction with a full rhinoplasty.

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Weir Procedure to Reduce Nasal Base

A Weir procedure can be done without a full rhinoplasty if you are satisfied with the rest of your nose. Nasal surgery should always be customzed to meet the needs of each individual patient. Weir incisions will  vary, but are done to decrease the width of the nasal base, decrease alar flare (the flare of the lateral nostril wall) or both. 

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There are several ways to do Weir incisions.

See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best results. I would have to see your nose at rest to say which is best for you.

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Narrowing wide nostrils

It is possible to narrow wide nostrils without changing the rest of your nose if you are happy with how it looks otherwise. There are different methods of nostril narrowing and the technique chosen is largely based on whether the surgeon is mostly reducing nostril width or flare (rounding). We prefer a combination technique that can reliably produce the desired result while maintaining the nostrils' natural contour. For more info, see our blog at and search for weir incisions.

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There are many different ways to reduce nostril size or width.  Weir is a very specific type of excision but there are modifications of this technique.  The important thing is to diagnose if the problem is your alar thickness (skin), alar width or nostril sil width or a combination of these 3 issues.  Its also important to make sure the base remains in balance with the tip and the rest because narrowing the base may make the other areas "appear" to be too wide after.  It just depends and you should do computer imaging so you can see the potential outcome before the surgery.

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