What Can I Expect from Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

I have had several plastic surgeries, since l was 2 months old. What could be the best methods and the possible results for me?

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Reconstruction for multiple congenital facial abnormalities.

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Ideally a multispecialty team at an academic center would be of benefit to address your many craniofacial issues. From an oculoplastics standpoint, I notice you have left eye esotropia (turning in), enophthalmos (sinking in) and hypoglobus (lower than the other eye). The eyelids also have a different contour on the left than right. Focusing on the eye first would get you the best result because people look each other in the eyes when communicating, so if possible have an oculoplastic surgeon involved in your care.

Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

Facial deformity with orbital hypertelorism

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You need go to a Hospital with an active craniofacial surgery center. From your picture it appears that you have orbital hypertelorism . As you say you had surgeries since you were 6months old it was probably congenital. At least your right side looks fairly normal. So it is possible to get more symmetry by well placed osteotomies,  fixation and soft tissue repositioning. These procedures need a team work of highly trained and skilled surgeons and I hope you find one. Good luck. and best wishes

Zain Kadri, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Options for Facial Reconstruction

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It is only possible for me to give you general information as your photo shows that you have had several sugeries  on your left eye and cheek area.  

You should seek a consultation with a specialist in craniofacial surgery as you may require  orbital,eye socket, repositioning surgery and skin flap surgery to inprove the position of your lower eyelid and facial scars.

I am a member of a group consisting of plastic surgeons, ophthalmic plastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons who work as a team on these types of cases.

We  do charity work and may be able to help you to come to New York City for evaluation and treatment.

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Complex Facial Reconstruction

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To begin answering your question a Plastic surgeon would need to review your injuries, the sequence of your reconstructive operations as well as how successful each was, current MRI studies of the face to see what is available and what needs to be done next. Only when we have this information and can examine you can we tell you what may be the next procedure and it's chances for success.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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