Best Method to Treat My Depressed Scar? (photo)

The following picture shows my scar located on the temporal area. It is not deep but obvious in certain lightings. Flattens out if I stretch the surroudning skin. What sort of treatment would be suitable/the safest for my type of scar? Filler Injection? Laser treatment? If so which type in specific? Thankyou very much!

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Treat My Depressed Scar?

Fat grafting can be very helpful in treating and camouflaging depressed scars. It does not eliminate the scar, but it can help with the contour.

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Options to treat depressed scar on temple

With a wide, depressed scar such as yours, it is possible that a filler could help to make it less noticeable but a longer term treatment option would be a surgical scar revision.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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