Is IPL or Laser Peel Best to Get Rid of Pigmentation on Asian Skin?

I’m an Asian woman (49 y/o) with pigmentation on my face. I had flawless skin in my 20s/30s, but when my face began to develop tiny brown spots, I tried to get rid of them with a freeze-dry method to no avail. I tried Avage and a pigmentation gel w/ hydroquinone, but the pigmentation became worse. I believe it got worse partly due to scrubbing my face too hard or peeling the skin off by hand when the top layer of the skin became loose. What’s the best way to get rid of pigmentation on Asians?

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Pigmentation on Asian Skin

Pigmentation on any skin type is a difficult problem.  If you are fairly light skinned and your pigmentation is fairly dark, IPL laser treatments would be a good option for you.  Another great option is the Vi Peel.  This works extremely well on most skin types and gives excellent results in most patients.  With pigmentation we look for a base hit, not necessarily a home run!

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