What methods are there to remove my mole? (photo)

I have a enough big mole. Sometime It has a few hairs grow out but i pluck them by my hands and i still feel normal all the time. But i really dont like it? What the best method for the removal of my mole? I live in france, have you any suggestion for the surgery I should go to? Thank for your response!

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Methods to remove a benign papular name us (mole).

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From the photo supplied, this is a benign papular naevus or mole. It is pigmented and hairy as described. The initial treatment of choice is that of a shave excision with histology to confirm its nature as the standard quality control. It had previously been considered that if a mole such as yours was so dark and hairy that the only way of getting rid of it is by an elliptical excision technique, which will always leave a scar 3-4 times longer than the diameter of the mole. If this is well executed and you heal well, this can be very satisfactory. But, if the healing and orientation of the scar are less than ideal, this may not be so. I would recommend you read a paper published in the British Journal of Plastic  Surgery from 1996 on the very topic of shave excision of moles like yours. In this paper, it is shown that by using the shave excision technique, even in dark and hairy moles, the cosmetic outcomes are excellent in most cases. From recollection only about 25% of hairy moles came back hairy and about the same for pigmented ones, too. In about 60% of cases from memory, there was no obvious scar visible at 6 months post surgery either. For me, in my practice, I would always shave excise first, confirm histology, and await the healing process that follows. If it does not heal ideally, you can always proceed to an elliptical excision later (almost never necessary in my practice: <1:1000 patients). The choice is yours. Good luck with taking this forward. 
Dr Mark

This mole can be removed using plastic surgery techniques

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I have removed a number of moles like this.  The biggest risk to removing them is getting a wide or hypertrophic scar.  That being said it is quite likely that even if you develop a wide scar it will still look better than the mole does.  Below is a link to before and after photos of a mole that I have removed in the exact same location as your mole.

Dev Wali, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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