Best Method for Deep Scar Removal?

I had a staph infection about 2 years ago that started as an insect bite or something of the nature on my buttocks. Even after antibiotics the infection turned into boils/ open wounds and weeped. They didn’t completely dry up and close for months. I am now left with several terrible inverted scars on each buttock. I've tried scar cream and silicone scar sheets to no avail. Is there a laser treatment or scar removal procedure out there that will have positive results? Is skin grafting an option?

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Subcision (With or Without Radiesse) Works Well For Lifting and Straightening Deep, Indented Scars

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Whatever the cause, indented scars can often be treated by a variety of approaches. The simplest approach for a saucer-shaped indentation would be to free the scar from the thick abnormal fibrotic bands that have formed below that pull the surface of the scar downward and keep it indented. 

Suibcision, which takes only minutes to perform, involves numbing the treatment area and then inserting a special needle or sharp trochar under the scar and breaking up the fibrous bands that have formed there from injury or trauma. Immediately, the scar surface can be seen floating to the surface supporting by tissue fluid below that has been provoked by the treatment. In the succeeding weeks, this fluid is replaced by normal collagen--resulting in permanent elevation and improviement in the scar. I have not found energy-based therapies, like lasers, to be particularly effective modalities for any but the most superficial of scars.

Depending upon how good a collagen maker the patient is, one (or usually) several subcision treatments may be required to achieve optimal improvement. Treatments are usually spaced at six week intervals to give the patient's skin sufficient time to maximally produce new, healthy collagen to replace the scar collagen that was broken up during treatment.

Occasionally, I may subsequently inject a small amount of the calcium-based volumizing filler, Radiesse, directly into the subcision-treated site. Radiesse itself has been shown to stimulate collagen production and may be used in this fashion to enhance the results, particularly in a patient who is a sluggish producer of new collagen. I have used a similar approach with very gratifying results when treating cellulite indentations of the thighs and buttocks.

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