What method should I use to fix my teeth? (Photo)

I had a very prominent overbite when I was a child and got braces for about five years followed by retainers for another one year (ages 10-16). What the doctor failed to do was put me on retainers onwards. So I'm 26 now with an overbite again. Also, I have very large front teeth. I don't make a lot of money but I really want to get my teeth done. What would be the best and most cost-effective method? Thank you.

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Most cost effective method to fix overbite...

Hello Maurine,
The absolute cheapest way is metal braces, but I don't think that you want to go back to them, having spent 5 years in them as a child; I know you remember the pain and the unsightliness of those things.

The second cheapest route would be clear aligners like Invisalign or Clear Correct.  A much more cosmetically appealing treatment process.  I would recommend Clear Correct because I have had marvelous results with Clear Correct and Invisalign, but Clear Correct is a newer company and cheaper for the patient.

All other cosmetic option would be much more expensive.
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Take care.

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