What Method "Cements" the Silikon 1000 in Place?

How much more expensive is the Silikon 1000 technique used to reduce silicon migration and large lumps? What injector type or method should the doctor use?

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Stay away from permanent fillers

For years in the past, silicone was directly injected into the tissues to enhance volume.  Countless number of patients have been permanently disfigured by this practice as the material can become lumpy or infected years after it was inserted and is almost impossible to remove.  Why take this risk thinking that modern forms will be any different?  There are so many long lasting temporary fillers out there, and this is for sure the safer way to go.

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What Method "Cements" the Silikon 1000 in Place?

Injected silicone causes intense scarring of the tissues (spun by marketers as "collagen production" and "stimulation of fibroblast activity"). Scar tissue around the silicone causes mini-lumps which keep it in place.

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