Can Methamphetamines Cause Seroma After Breast Augementation?

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No, but your surgeon should know you are on it

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I have not heard of methamphetamines causing a seroma, but the drug can interact with your anesthesia so your surgeon should know about it; that is, if you are taking it.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Activity, not the medication

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It would be unwise to take methamphetamines around the time of your surgery or afterwards for any number of reasons. If your heart rate and blood pressure rise too much it can cause you to have bleeding or fluid collections around the implants which would possibly need to be dealt with and might lead to a less than optimum outcome. I would most certainly recommend against it.

Dr Edwards

Never heard of this as a cause for a seroma

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I have never heard of any medication promoting a seroma. A seroma following a breast augmentation is a very rare event but can happen. A hematoma and bleeding are associated with the use of aspirin or aspirin containing products. I would be more concerned about anesthesia problems with the use of methamphetamines. If you are are self medicating be sure to make your physician aware of the drugs you are using. Severe complications and even death could result.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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