Methacrylate and botox can cause bump and red after 1 month???

On february I have done methacrylate filler between eyebrows, on 9 november I do botox and doctor inject in eyebrows zone and forehead, after a mont this part on left eyebrow is red and look like a big bump, what can I use please?

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Bump after PMMA and Botox

The bump may be a small collection of blood or a localized infection. The small collection of blood may or may not have associated black and blue. Warm compresses may help. If the bump and redness are related to an infection, then an antibiotic may be required.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) therapy is generally very well tolerated. At the time of treatments most patients report minor discomfort. Immediately after treatment the area may be red, swollen and tender, this usually improves within a few days.

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