Ptosis surgery a failure? Eyelid still droops 1 month post-op. (Photo)

I had pstosis surgery a month ago and I don't see much improvement. My eyelid still droops and it could possibly be from the swelling on my eyelid but I feel that it should have gone away to some degree by now. I'm really concerned because I had the surgery in a diff state n won't be able to go back there till another 6 months.

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Revision ptosis surgery

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It is likely that this far out that the ptosis may need further revision. It is possible improvement can occur but typically it should have improved after about two weeks. It is possible a suture came loose or you have some intrinsic muscle weakness. I would discuss with your surgeon and go from there.

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Ptosis surgery results

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Your initial swelling has resolved for the most part, and although the level may improve a little over the next 3-6 months, both eyelids are very low. I don't believe that the eyelid will come up enough to reach a normal level. I would recommend seeing an Oculoplastic surgeon to correct BOTH eyelids from a skin/ anterior approach. An experienced Oculoplastic surgeon should be able to get your eyelids to a normal level. It is not unusual to need touch-up surgery, but both lids are way out of the normal range in this photograph. Best wishes.

Eyelid ptosis

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It appears that your left lid level is significantly lower than your right.  It is possible that the muscle on that side is still suffering from the effects of the surgery and may recover.  I doubt that this is the case however. Depending on which technique was used, and the cause of your ptosis in the beginning, recommendations for correction, at this point, will vary.

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Dear Vercy123

Thank you for your questions and photo! Results from a ptosis correction can take a few months . You should send your surgeon this and a few other photos - and proceed with follow up with them.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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