Is Mesotherapy After Silicone Injections Okay?

I had silicone injected in my cheeks years ago and I got fat recently, making my face so round and my cheeks bulkier than before. Would mesotherapy have a bad reaction to the silicone injected?

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Mesotherapy after silicone injections could be disastrous

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The addition of mesotherapy to your face could be a disaster. Aside from the current issues surrounding mesotherapy, your fat injections sound fairly recent. If they were within the last six months, you need to wait out the fat absorption process that inevitably occurs. Also, if you melt away fat that is holding silicone in place, you might effectively melt your face off. Good luck!

Avoid mesotherapy for now: fat melting injections (lopolysis) are not predictable

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Mesotherapy, although widely practiced, is unregulated and not standardized. I have seen many patients with complaints about the results and would strongly advise that you avoid this treatment particularly in the face.

In my comment earlier today, I provided a reference that shows that these products, not currently aprroved by the FDA, have been banned or restricted in Brazil, Canada, and the UK. That should raise some eyebrows.

See this link for more info:

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Mesotherapy is not an FDA approved treatment

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I would not take the risk. Because silicone injected materials can lay dormant in your tissues for many years. If you than inject something else you may cause a granulomatous reaction. Be careful out there. 

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Mesotherapy is not an FDA approved treatment

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Many problems have arisen form mesotherapy and lipodissolve treatments and they have not been worked out scientifically to the point where they are considered safe. It would be rare to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon doing these but many plastic surgery pretenders continue to perform these kinds of treatments. I'd advise you to exercise, modify your diet and stay away from mesotherapy.

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